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Why Nashville Bubble Ball is the Perfect Teambuilding

Whether you can it an offsite, a teambuilding event, a family day, or a corporate retreat, Nashville Bubble Ball is the best solution to give your team a chance at a low-stress fun event.


Work can be tough, stress builds up, and employees really just want to have some good clean fun. They don't want to be in a high-stakes escape room that just creates more stress. Bubble ball is fun for the participants, funny for the spectators, and will provide long-lasting memories (and videos).

We pride ourselves on making the event as hands-off as possible. We arrive early to set up and stay after to tear down. We can handle anywhere from 8-200 participants, and we will handle the refereeing duties to keep your team safe.

We also just added a tug-of-war add-on for only $10 in order to provide an even greater variety of games. We'll also use that rope to play sumo-style 1V1 matches; the first one knocked out of the ring loses!

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