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Top 6 Tips to Win at Bubble Ball / Bubble Soccer

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

A quick read will get you prepared to dominate out there + stay safe!

Bubble ball, knockerball, or bubble soccer is a new game, so there are some tips to be shared with many people who haven’t played or have only played a couple of times. For some people, they’re just looking to have fun. For others, winning is everything. We have some bubble ball tips that will not only ensure that you have a good time but make you competitive!

1. Stay low when bumping

Keeping your body grounded is the key to winning 1 vs 1 bump battles. Ensure a wide stance, and when you’re about to be bumped into, don’t stand still, keep your feet moving and your body weight angled at the other player. Even if you are a smaller player that does not mean you are going to get knocked down all the time. If you’re smaller, use your low center of gravity to your advantage.

2. Keep the goal blocked

Being a goalie in bubble soccer is certainly not the most desirable position on the field and for the sake of the fun we don’t recommend that you keep someone placed directly in front of the goal at all times. However, you should keep someone on defense near the goal so when the soccer ball gets close to the goal you have someone ready to take the place of a goalie.

3. Play offense against the goalie

If the other team is doing too good of a job playing goalie, try having a teammate knock the goalie over before you attack! This creates some fun action and gives you a better chance to score.

4. Keep your head on a swivel

If you’re near the ball, you’re a target. Visibility isn’t always clear when you’re in a bubble soccer ball, so you’ll want to keep your head on a swivel. When you have the soccer ball or are near it, keep a low stance and be ready for someone to come out of nowhere and hit you.

5. Get up quickly

The key to keeping possession of the ball is to get up quickly after you are knocked down. When two people collide, many times both of the players fall over, leaving the ball wide open. Whoever can get up quicker will have possession of the ball and a better chance of winning. Remember, it's always easier to get up off your front than your back!

6. Don’t bump others with your body tilted forward

If your body is tilted forward, you are exposing your head. If the other player is also tilting their body forward, they will expose their head as well, which could lead to a head-to-head collision. Even in a sport where you’re surrounded by a giant bubble, there can still be injuries. Be smart and be cautious!

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